Click on a link below to download product manuals and support materials for your Minn Kota battery charger.

On-Board Chargers

  • Precision On-Board Chargers
    Models MK 106PC, MK 110PC, MK 212PC, MK 220PC, MK 230PC, MK 318PC, MK 345PC, MK 440PC, MK 460PC
    Manual 2377164 - Download PDF (8 mb)
  • Digital On-Board Chargers
    Models MK 106D, MK 210D, MK 220D, MK 315D, MK 330D, MK 440D
    Manual 2367125 - Download PDF (7 mb)
  • Alternator Chargers
    Models MK 1DC, MK 2 DC, MK 3DC
    Manual 2377137 - Download PDF (2 mb)

Portable Chargers

  • Portable Digital Chargers (mfg. 2017 and after)
    Models MK 105 PD, MK 110PD
    Manual 2367130 - Download PDF (6 mb)
  • Portable Chargers (mfg 2016 and prior)
    Model MK 105P
    Manual 2377136 - Download PDF (1 mb)

    Models MK 110P, MK 210P
    Manual 2377142 - Download PDF (1 mb)